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    i need help
    with getting started
    idk how to start the game when it says "letitbegin" i have trouble even knowing what yo do
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009 edited
    the url should say at the top. replace the section that says "level1" with /Julika: the thing that stikes you as looking different/. every time you try to answer a question, you replace that section with your answer.
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    question: (yeah, another one) how do i edit my profile or add a pic or somethin?
    • CommentAuthorchristina
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009 edited
    Go to account. Scroll down. Under who's online you will see account options.
    • CommentAuthorniagriff
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    Wow, sleeping really left me outta this conversation, huh? XD Turns out the snow (which was exciting the first day I had off school, but now, not so much) has taken another day away from me, and so I can stalk you all in the forum. Muahahaha! Okay, I think I'm sleep deprived...

    Well, when I queued to get BD, there were around 40 people in the line for Borders, so it's not *that* popular, but I'd still say that's a considerable amount as long as you don't compare it to the US or Canada!

    Yeap, I think it was Sophie something and Nicholas Fiske? Out of curiosity, have you guys seen Jackson's audition for Beautiful People?

    I'm pretty sure it was a school project or something, correct me if I'm wrong. I heard about it on :)

    In general Twilight news, what do you guys think about AnnaLynne McCord for Heidi in New Moon? Apparently, she auditioned!
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    The very last resort
    Good morning, everyone.

    To answer some of your questions: Germany is really not that "Twilighted" as the English speaking world (that might have to do with the somewhat odd translation style, but anyway). However, I spent a semester abroad in New Zealand last year and although we had this long reading list I picked up Twilight for pleasure reading. What can I say, they had to ship in the other two books from Australia for me the next day (and it took them two weeks, I thought I'd go mad).

    As to why this for university: My study programme asks for a web project in "Literature and the New Media" and I figured that a novel as recent and popular as Twilight might receive a good response. Apart from me being slightly obsessed already. I might have to write a report about "Twilight fans - the underestimated force" though.
    it really has been quiet in the uk with twilight... obviously some people heard of it but others like myself were shamefully slow and didnt even know it existed till the film!! but it kinda sucks because theres not as many people to chat to about how great it is and there is a lot less merch and when you find it it takes forever to come... im waiting on a bag, keyring, badges and 2 t shirts!!... i really do wish it was as popular in europe as it appears to be in the US.. i might of heard about it sooner!!
    btw this whole riddle thing completely kicked ass :)
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    ^^ same as above..
    My brother had to order my twilight hoodie from hot topic ->there's zilch here. like, literally zilch.
    Anywho he ordered it the week before Christmas [or less..] so it wasn't supposed to come until mid January.. it arrived Christmas Eve =D

    I wish there was some way to get more people interested in the books..
    i think people will become more interested here but most wont because they are all some form of sheep... is ireland the same as the UK when it come to the fact that 80% of the population where tracksuits all the time... i cant see very many of those types liking twilight... i know im stereotyping very much here but i grew up with those types of people lol... at the same time i think id be equally as annoyed if everyone liked it... the same way everyone decided to like greenday a few years ago and my chemical romance...i like to talk a large amount of rubbish btw lol.. if any one is offended im sorry.. btw i do like greenday and mcr if it sounded like i didnt i just have annoying memories of going to an mcr gig and being surrounded by little girls that didnt like them till balck parade :(
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    "Twilight fans - the underestimated force"... as an essay? Aren't you supposed to - at least - pretend to be objective when writing an essay Julika? (:

    Oh, btw: I never got the point of 'I don't want xy (band, book, whatever) to be successful, because of reason z.' Think if it's good the author (etc.) deserves the success. Nevermind.
    dot get me wrong i like when bads get sucsess i just got sour grapes because i couldnt get to the front of the gig lol =/ its a selfish reason i know lol ... ot just gets to me though when most of these people like things because its what they are told to like by people at school or the mass media... at the same time i cant say thats what definately makes people like these things because i dont know inside their head... but yeah.. its just my personal experience with certain types of people that give this view point... but yeah im the first to admit its a stupid opinion for myself to have lol.. its petty of me but i cant help it really
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    bfsfreakaof lol no, not quite that many scobes around here.. There are a few though, and they usually congregate in the same places .. County Limerick & Dublin for example.. for lord..
    But yeah, I can't see them getting into the series either lol
    jus reading the imdb boards and it seems to be really taking off in the uk book sales wise perhaps these people are hiding lol.. but its all happend because of the film.... which i completely understand because i blame the film for me aswell lol... i saw it and was like hmm that was a pretty good film i wonder what the books like.. i bought the books and disapeared for 3 and a half days without sleeping or eating.. the only time i left was to go buy breaking dawn which i had to travel to the next city for because they didnt have it where i was... actually the books are always sold out here ive noticed lol... where the hell are the people buying it hiding??........ btw the imdb boards for new moon are making me mad soo not fair... if u look you may understand what i mean :(
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    lol I got the books only about a month before the movie came out
    I bought Twilight, read & finished it that day, had to wait 2 days to go back into town [nearly went nuts waiting] bought NM, E & BD and finished all 3 in two days.. well pleased with myself =P
    BD took me the full second day lol.. twas looong..

    *goes to check imdb*

    oooh I just bought "Sugar" magazine cuz it has a big Rob poster in it *is excited*
    ooooo i may have to buy sugar :)... is it still small?? id rather it be big now lol... the stuff making me angry has moved to the second page now mostly.... grrrrrr to them all... so lazy!!!
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    Yeah, it's small, but the poster is seperate to it, so it's a lot bigger =]
    ..though still not big enough.. *sigh*...
    i got a nice rob poster with some random little biography thingy i bought.. its not got anything new in it information wise but its got lots of nice pictures :) was £4 in asda lol
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    We don't have asda here >.< bah..

    Ah well, I want things I can stick to my wall lol if it was a book of pictures, I'd feel obligated to keep them all together XD
    a pretty good sized poster came free with it :) he looks soo nice on it as well xD lol
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    You're making me jealous *laughs*

    Yip.. he does look pretty fine all right...
    • CommentAuthormegec85
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    it surprises me how insane this kind of culture stuff hits the US. i live here and i'll admit i had no idea what twilight was until the movie promotion started and even then i was so skeptical that it was the new "tween" thing. being 23 i felt old. but i got bored one day, picked up a copy and the next thing i know i'm at barnes and noble buying the next 3 books and getting my best friend hooked on it. :) it's to the point now that as soon as i get the dvd, she's coming over for a twilight watching party. so sad lol
    • CommentAuthorchristina
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009 edited
    I bought all my twilight books from amazon. But, Twilight was popular in the US before the movie came out. But, since the movie came out it has gained even more fans. I think it is great. I have never been toany twilight event. So I'm not sure I know the full power of it. There are a lot of stores having dvd release parties. Borders included and they have one here where I live. Don't know if I wanna go to a bookstore at midnight with all the screaming fangirls. I should probably be in bed then. But being surrounded by other fans and all the hype would probably be fun. Even if I was surrounded by 15 year olds...

    BTW, thanks for giving us some insight about your project Julika!
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    Lucky =[
    I wish there were release parties and things around here *tear*
    • CommentAuthorchristina
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    Usually they release dvd's on tuesdays. But they have decided to release twilight on a friday night. So all the school girls won't miss school the next day. Since all the release parties are at midnight. This would be my first twilight event, if I go. I'm not sure if I'm ready. And I don't know who I'd go with?!?! lol. I am not going by myself.
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    Haha I concur - going to a twilight related event on your own, with all those fangirls... not safe =P

    Best to bribe/blackmail someone to go with you XD haha
    • CommentAuthorchristina
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    Yeah my sister and step sister went to see the movie with me. Not sure they'd want to go to an event at midnight just for me to get the dvd. They've never read the books, but I think they enjoyed the movie. And they won't go if they have to work the next day. lol.
    • CommentAuthorniagriff
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    Ah, I went with a group of friends to see the movie - there were so many people I had a panic attack, it was immense! Woke up 6am for Breaking Dawn...and I hope I can go and get the DVD when it comes out, even though there aren't any release 'parties' here, IrishVamp.
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    Haha wow, I went to the first showing of Twilight when it came out... the cinema was practically empty O_O I was shocked!!
    I really wish there were parties though :(
    I might've even travelled to London if there was one haha
    I just sent the e-mail. Wow, do you feel kind of empty after doing this? Because I do. It's like reading Breaking Dawn and knowing that once you've read the last page it will be the last page and there's nothing new to come. This was so hooking riddle! Loved it! Thank you Julika for making this, it was awesome!

    Btw. how long did it take for you guys to complete this? I did it in 2,5 days.
    • CommentAuthortdinkel
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    I really hated to go back to housework today! Gosh, please do another one soon. You are super and you've done an amazing job....hope your lecturer was blown away by the response!
    • CommentAuthorniagriff
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    I'm sure he will be - I've put off important coursework to frustrate myself with it! I'll probably drag myself through another hundred of these if you make them, Julika!

    FilDeCuivre, the riddle took me a day to complete, and then the final one to mail off took me around half an hour this morning :)

    IrishVamp, at my Borders there was a kind of 'party'- they promised tshirts and giftbags, but none of it had anything to do with Twilight! It just looked like they were cleaning out the back rooms, I wasn't impressed XD
    • CommentAuthorRachel
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009 edited
    this is so cool what you have done julika xx

    there are people from all over the world doing this quiz. People are from Brazil, Germany etc.
    Im from a small country called New Zealand and its so cool knowing there are people just or more obsessed than i am in different countries lol
    And I'm from Finland! It's really awesome how there are people all over the world participating :)
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    FilDeCuivre: I havn't a clue how long it took.. the whole first day anyways.. I think I sent off my answers at half past midnight :S

    niagriff: :O I would've been soo mad!! I'd totally rant at them about suing for false advertising or misleading the puplic or something haha XD
    • CommentAuthorbfsfreakaof
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2009 edited
    irish vamp... i bought the sugar magazine :) its a nice pic of him.. would rather it of been bigger though =/.. but thanks for the heads up :)
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    Haha I know.. I was slightly disappointed... but then I realised I had a poster of Robert Pattinson, so it was all good =P
    wow i see you got promoted lol maybe you can tell off all those people on imdb new moon page!! lol im being such a goody two shoes right now lol
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    Haha yip! About 10 minutes ago

    *is all excited*

    lol I'd love to.. but IMDB just won't let me register for some reason :/
    hmmm cant you just go on the boards without registering?? i would post the link but that wouldnt be a good idea at all
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    Oh I can go on.. I just can't post anything

    It won't take my phone number for registering :(
    have you seen the posts im on about making it unfair for very many of us?? grrrr to them i say lmao
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    :O [just checked]
    Oh my god!! That's so completely unfair!!
    Completely defeats the purpose!!

    i know!!! whats the point in them trying?? what will they prove to themselves?? anyways im of to beddiebyes :) night night all
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    Ridiculous! It's just spoiling it for everyone [at least those with depleted will power anyways =P]

    Night =]
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2009
    The very last resort
    "To the pure all things are pure" - "Can't say fairer than that"

    I'm off for bed, too ... uni in the morning and a 5 hour journey by train after that.

    Night zzzZzzzZZZZZzz
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    I still think it's a pretty low-minded & petty thing to do..

    Goodnight =]

    [flip... just remembered I have work tomorrow >.<]
    • CommentAuthortdinkel
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2009
    Did Julika say what her prof thought about the riddle?
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    I don't _think_ so..
    Maybe she's waiting til it's all over, to give all the data together?

    Going to be something though huh =P
    • CommentAuthortdinkel
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2009
    I can't wait to hear all about it :)
    Helpful Sprites in Charge
    Anywho, it's 3am so I'm off - good luck - and good night =]