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    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2009 edited
    The very last resort
    Okay people, this is getting out of hand and apparently you don't read the FAQs.

    Here are a few of the rules for what I consider SPOILERS:

    - Giving away the answer outright will be not only considered a spoiler, but will get you WARNED. Enough warnings and you will very likely be completely banned from the forums.

    - Giving away the answer in a 'clever' manner by trying to fit it into a sentence, or constructing a sentence with the answer but leaving a blank where the answer should go. Don't do this, no matter how clever you think you have been.

    - Giving any hint that would direct a user towards guessing the ANSWER without understanding the RIDDLE is considered a spoiler... Example: If the answer was "coffee", then it would be a spoiler to say anything concerning hot beverages, Starbucks, Juan Valdez, or even 'words that end in two sets of double-letters'.

    - Giving away any URL, ever. Don't ever mention a URL from Twilight Riddle, whether it is an answer or just an interim clue, even if it concerns a previous level. No URLs.

    - Explicitly giving away anything that is not given away in the riddle. Example: If you need to look something up in the books or on another website, don't come in here and say "I found the page in (insert any title here)" or "What you're looking for is located on (insert any website here)".

    - Please note: Posts that ask for answers or spoilers are treated the same as spoilers themselves and may be completely deleted.

    What is the difference between a Hint and a Spoiler? How can it be a Spoiler if some people are still stumped?

    - Hints and Spoilers are tricky things. One person's spoiler will mean nothing to someone else. Not every hint is going to help every person. Some people will solve a given riddle with no hints at all. Others will need light hinting. Others will need more hinting. In most cases you will get stuck at the level you should get stuck. Take some time to think about it, have a re-read, I might just come to you.
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2009
    The very last resort
    Just thought of something else:

    This is a riddle (obviously) so people are supposed to get stuck,. And they will at the right place. It's okay. Mull a little about this. Take a breath, a walk, a shower, eat, sleep, do some home/house work, collect your children from school ... I'm listing because that's what I get that people didn't do over doing this riddle.

    The gist of this: Don't ask for help right away. Give it some time. And for the helpers don't immediately jump at every topic where you know the answer. No need for hints where no one asks or more hints than necessary. If one hint is given, let's see if the stuck person can solve this now.